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NeurOptimal® Dynamical Neurofeedback® is an advanced brain training system available in Western Australia's South West.

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Welcome to The Brain Trainer - Bunbury

Your brain is the center of your central nervous system. It is a complicated control center responsible for controlling ALL the other systems in your body. When you go to a medical check-up you will have all manner of biofeedback testing like blood pressure, heart rate, temperature and if it is a good doctor, you will be asked "How are you?"

 Your brain is responsible for it these biofeedback results. It receives and processes information from your body and the environment and responds physically, usually without your conscious awareness.

 In NeurOptimal® we refer to this as Cortical Activity. NeurOptimal® Brain Training sessions tap into your brain's control system to allow your brain to respond faster and more efficiently to the stimulus around. Your Brain Trainer's will facilitate finding and accessing pathways to possibly reduce symtoms such as anxiety, depression, mental trauma or reach peak performance, improve mood and build resilience to life today.

Your Brain Trainers will check in with your progress as the sessions take place because the changes are subtle but long lasting. You will find yourself with greater clarity, increased energy and an improved level of calm that is not lost. Each session simply requires you to sit back while the NeurOptimal® system reads and processes the subtle electrical activity of your brain to develop an improved and better tuned brain activity for you to continue with your day.

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About NeurOptimal®

NeurOptimal® is a life-changing technology!

Solidly founded in the fields of Neuroscience, Non-Linear Dynamics, Mathematics, Neurology, Psychology and Electrical Engineering.


Designed to significantly enhance the human experience.

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What Happens in a Brain Training Session

A NeurOptimal® session is a very pleasant experience.  You will be seated or lying down before your Practitioner places two sensors on either side of our scalp just above your ears.  Three sensors are placed are placed on your ears, two on your right and one of your left. You will have headsets available to listen to 33 minutes of soothing music.

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