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Advanced Brain Training System

NeurOptimal®  is considered by many to be the most sophisticated form of neurofeedback available today.

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NeurOptimal®  is

the world’s  first and only Dynamical Neurofeedback brain training system.

It’s an advanced neuro-technology, offering training to the brain that enables it to function at its best.

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How does NeurOptimal® work?

The unique approach to training allows your brain to become more flexible and more resilient.


It does by working as a 'detection and monitoring’ system for the changes in cortical patterns.

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Is NeurOptimal® safe?

Yes is 100% safe.  Unlike other systems, NeurOptimal ® does not train states of consciousness.  It does not do anything to influence the outcome.

Instead it is up to your brain to use the mathematical information it receives, or not – as it will.

For this reason NeurOptimal ® is an extraordinarily safe tool for self-optimization.