About Your Brain Trainer - Julie

Transforming with Intent

My earlier life really did shape my thinking about interventions and long term effects of chemical use on our health.  Having innovative farming parents who looked at the degradation of the soil around them and questioned the use of chemicals on their land was one thing, but to witness the increasing changes to the health of some of our family members was another and increased their determination to do something different than farming chemically.


So many people are struggling to live their best life, and even more are sick of being medicated to the point where their quality of life is no quality of life at all.  Don't get me wrong the medical profession is an important one, however I feel we have to look outside, to see what else we can do for those who need assistance.

When I was introduced to NeurOptimal ® Advanced Brain Training System a few years ago I really had no idea of the depth of the technology and how it can assist us in our daily life.

My experience with brain training has been life-changing.  I am an entrepreneurial thinker who wasn't good at backing myself!  Since commencing my training with intent, my clarity  has been like nothing I have ever experienced.

I knew this modality, through its design and cutting edge technology, could assist so many people to transform their lives. 

I would love you to join me on this journey?

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Nerma the Brain Trainer in Bunbury

About Your Brain Trainer - Nerma

Nerma is a wellness practitioner here at The Brain Trainer. Just like Julie, she has a passion for helping people, especially when it comes to health/mental health. Having suffered from anxiety and depression most of her life she understands the struggles that come with the heavy burden.

When she was introduced to NeurOptimal® (and completed her own research which was very important) she was very intrigued and couldn't wait to try the brain training system.

The motivation, energy and clarity she felt after a couple of sessions opened her eyes to a whole new world. A world where she had finally decided that she wanted to pursue her dream of studying nursing.

The Brain Trainer aligns with my philosophy for natural and safe training for our brains. Our brain is the most important organ which controls and coordinates all our actions, behaviours and feelings. It is so important that we look after it and optimise  it to be as healthy as possible.

She is very much looking forward to meeting our clients and following their personalised journeys.

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