Frequently asked questions

What is Neurofeedback?

It is now recognised that the brain does not respond well to imposed structure and processes that are incongruent with its complex dynamical functioning.
Neurofeedback is a specialised and advanced form of feedback that gives information back to you about the activity of the brain as it is occuring. People using Neurofeedback have experienced assistance with a vast array of cognitive, emotional and physical challenges along with considerable personal and spiritual growth.
Neurofeedback has emerged out of significant advances in technology and enable new and innovative approaches

How does it work and what are we measuring?

The electrical activity generated but Central Nervous System (CNS) processing can be detected by sensors placed on the scalp and displayed on a monitor in a real-time. This is called the Electroencephalograph or EEG.
With specially designed computer software information about the performance and behaviour of the brain and the CNS as a whole is then presented back to the individual via visual and auditory perception. (feedback)

How many sessions do I need?

Every one is individual so there is no single answer to this question. What is recommended is start with regular sessions so that your transformation can be realised.

Is it safe?

The system does not feed anything into your brain. It is 100% safe and non-invasive.

Can I have a free consult first to find out more?

Yes you can! We welcome you to ask as many questions as you like, and to read about this advanced technology on You Tube and Websites such as

Using NeurOptimal ® Advanced Brain Training System

With NeurOptimal ® there is no need for diagnosis.
NeurOptimal ® is designed to give the brain continual information about what it has just done. The brain then uses this information to organise itself. During a session the client listens to music. As soon as NeurOptimal ® detects the brain is about to make a change, feedback is provided via a very brief pause in the sound.
The brain then adapts itself in response to the information, which then provides yet new and different information for NeurOptimal ® to mirror back. With NeurOptimal ® the brain is simply interacting adaptively with itself moment by moment.

Who can benefit from this system?

This system works for anyone, as it is 100% safe, non-invasive and does not have any known negative side-effects. It is like going to the gym to build on your strength, once you achieve your potential you maintain your fitness and adjust your gym program as needed.
For optimal results, we recommend regular NeurOptimal ® brain training at the start. Clients will recognise when they need a 'top-up' session or two!

Is this a diagnostic tool?

All systems other than NeurOptimal ® Neurofeedback require the practitioner to first make a diagnosis in some way so it isn't a diagnostic tool.
NeurOptimal ® Brain Training technology is fully automated and responsive to the clients EEG, no matter what reason they started training. NeurOptimal ® Practitioners act as Technicians and monitor the progress of clients rather than diagnose conditions or symptoms.

How the brain works?

The brain is the most complex, dynamical structure known within the universe. It is able to process masses amounts of information, develop responses and apply these responses for increased efficiency and mastery. Fortunately, consciousness is self-regulated, such that processes not requiring our immediate attention take place outside of our awareness within the subconscious. This leads our coscious mind clear to deal with important, immediate stimuli that require awareness and focused attention. In learning behaviour a network neural interconnectivity is established. With repetition, the neural connections are strengthened and more easily activated. Eventually the behaviour can become a primary and unconscious response. The brains on-going ability to create new pathways and interconnections is essential for learning and adaptability. These features of the dynamical brain have profound implications for day-to-day living. NeurOptimal ® brain training works with the central nervous system - your brain - by targeting shifts in the brain activity that can undermine optimal brain function.