What Happens in a Brain Training Session?

A NeurOptimal® session is a very pleasant experience.  You will be seated or lying down before your Practitioner places two sensors on either side of our scalp just above your ears.  Three sensors are placed are placed on your ears, two on your right and one of your left. You will have headsets available to listen to 33 minutes of soothing music.

Your brain does the work and there is no conscious effort on your part.  The central nervous system is hard-wired to take information and use it to organize itself.  There is nothing else you need to do, there is no need to control thoughts, emotions, think of anything in particular or do anything else to make the experience work better or differently.  You can read or write or watch a movie if you choose.  We recommend you just relax and enjoy your 'me' time.

You will hear when your brain is being optimised when you hear a slight interruption in the music.  By the time your brain has registered the interruption in the music your brain will have already responded and adjusted to it.  It is that simple.

After the session is completed the sensors will be removed and you will be asked a few questions about your progress before heading off to enjoy your day.

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Brain Training Sessions

  • An initial chat to discuss and learn how this training can assist you.

    30 min

  • This is recommended to receive the optimal benefits.

    1 hr

    $800 / 10 sessions
  • Share the Neurofeedback experience with your family!

    1 hr

    On request