The Brain Trainer Bunbury

Our daughter is doing Year 12 ATAR in what has been a truely unusual year full of uncertainty and additional challenges from normal. After 5 sessions of using the Neuroptimal Brain Train System and her transformation is positive and empowering.
She is sleeping better, talking through problems openly or seeking support faster as well as seeing more of the charm and wit of her personality, usually well guarded and only seen by a select few.
Her Dad and I are seeing a more confident and vibrant teenager ready to take on anything put her way and has the tools readily available to follow a path she chooses.

Rachel A - Donnybrook, WA

"has the tools readily available to follow a path she chooses."

"Nothing but stunned!"

"I have had 3 training session with NeurOptimal Brain Training.  After the first training I had a noticeable resurgence of creativity and sense of wellbeing.

The second training brought a greater sense of control to my thoughts and better time management.  I have managed to extend my working hours.

Third training I went with just three hours sleep, feeling very numb and tired.  When I finished this session I felt fresh, my tiredness and blurry feelings gone and even managed to do a few errands before one hour drive to my home.  I stayed fresh until bedtime.

I am nothing but stunned at the subtle changes in my behaviour and how settled I feel."

Carmen - Artist

The Brain Trainer Bunbury